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6 Ways To Make The Most Of Your First Christmas As A Couple

Christmas is just around the corner, and if this is your first Christmas together as a newlywed couple, this article is perfectly right just for you! In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the Christmas tips to help you prepare and enjoy more, rather than feeling pressured to handle family events and plans as a couple.

Here are the six Christmas tips to make your Christmas more enjoyable, magical, and stress-free!

Make Your First Tradition as a Couple.

This might be new to both of you since you used to have regular activities with both families. But coming up with a tradition as a couple and soon to be your growing family would be exciting! Here are some ideas you can do as your first Christmas tradition.

  • Two weeks from Christmas day, schedule a time where you should start looking for decorations, lights, and a Christmas tree. It doesn’t matter what size of Christmas tree you can afford; the most important thing is that you and your partner will do the planning together. That togetherness is all that counts!
  • Who says getting married and spending the most wonderful time of the year would be boring? Plan ahead and invite your best buddies one week before Christmas for a quick catch-up!
  • Cook your first specialty meal as a couple. You can choose from a wide variety of recipes such as beef wellington, caramilk cheesecake, Chipotle sweet potato and maple bacon salad, and slow cooker Daine potatoes. 

To enjoy preparing your first specialty meal for Christmas, we recommend you to use a high-quality and functional cheeseboard. And while you are at it, wear a custom Mr. & Mrs. Aprons. Don’t forget to keep this memory and take a photo!

Don’t accept invites immediately.

It’s inevitable to receive invites from friends and relatives especially in the Christmas season. But as a newlywed, it’s not ideal to accept invites immediately. If they (friends and family members) demand an immediate response, inform them that you have to discuss and come to an agreement with your spouse.  

Prioritize as is.

Be in an office, business, and personal, December is undoubtedly a busy month. In other words, the chances are that you'd have other engagements. So, how can you ensure that you give all your undivided attention?

Learn how to identify important events, and prioritize attending events that really matter to you and your spouse. Then, for the events you won't be attending, double check if you can reschedule. If not, there is always next year  - don't beat yourself up!

Set a realistic budget

Financial stress is one of the factors that strains marriage. Learn how to manage yours even in the face of all the Christmas preparation. How?

The only way to do that is to set a budget for everything. For a start, your gifts don't have to be expensive. You and your spouse can work on DIY ideas and let your creativity out.

Also, you can try homemade meals. They are the perfect gift to your parents and siblings. And since you and your spouse will spend considerable time preparing the meal, the gesture would be well received.

But, if DIY and homemade gifts are not your style, set a realistic budget for already-made gift items. Through it all, remember that being bankrupt can ruin your first Christmas together as a couple.

Have a date night!

Once December rolls out, it can be hard to see each other at home due to family gatherings and other holiday parties and events. No matter how busy you are, plan a time for just the two of you without any distractions at all!

Some budget-friendly date night ideas are as follows:

  • Set up your living room identical to a mini home theatre along with a sound system. Binge-watch, make drinks and prepare Mr. & Mrs. Wine Tumblers and sweets!

  • Find a perfect zen area near you and meditate together.

  • Discover your new happy place with a spectacular view to watch sunset or sunrise while having quality time together.

  • Hike or watch an acoustic concert in the park.

  • Play board games or sing your heart out! 

Travel and Discover a New Place Together.

Do you still have two more days of Christmas vacation? Why not travel somewhere new and discover places you both have never been to? Traveling helps couples to strengthen their relationship, learn more about each other, understand each other’s limitations, and most of all, you have someone to share the experience with!  

Remember, Christmas time is about how you give back to everyone you love – spending quality time, being present without compromising your happiness with your spouse.

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