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10 Wedding Proposal Ideas for Christmas Day

The best way to propose is with a romantic and creative idea that will leave her speechless. Getting down on one knee and pulling out a ring is important for planning any proposal. If you are not sure what to do, worry no more! We got your back!

Here are some creative proposal ideas on Christmas Day we prepare for you!

Family Gathering Proposal

If Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends, why not propose during this special occasion? Proposing at the perfect time and place during a holiday dinner will definitely create happy memories for years to come.

In addition to that, she will never forget this sweet moment whenever she attends future family gatherings.

Christmas Gift Treasure Hunt

Does she love finding hidden messages and clues? Then this creative proposal idea on Christmas Day is perfect for you. Propose with a treasure hunt where each clue leads to something different, such as the ring or even your engagement story!

Hire a personal chef

Propose with a delicious and intimate dinner for two. Seeing her smile as she bites into the yummy dishes will definitely be one of your fondest memories.

Plus, by hiring a personal chef for the day, you can customize the menu based on both of your favorite meals back in the day of dating stage. It will be best to pop the question right at the comfort of your home with family and friends.

Christmas Proposal Video

Propose with a romantic video that will leave her stunned. You can create a customized video of your engagement story and let the clip play on the TV as you get down on one knee to pop the question, or better yet, post it online so she can watch it anytime.

You will be surprised by how many people will love and greet you in one of your most spectacular life events!

Do It on a Rooftop

If the weather cooperates, propose on a rooftop with a view of the cityscape and enjoy sipping your favorite cocktails while everyone is busy catching up. This is definitely a proposal idea that will make your partner feel special and adventurous! 

Hire a Flytographer to capture your proposal

This is one of the creative proposal ideas on Christmas Day we highly recommend. Propose during a family trip or honeymoon, and have your Flytographer capture the moment as it unfolds. This will be a beautiful memento to cherish forever!

Create an Insta-Worthy Moment

Does she love taking photos and capturing the moment? Create a romantic moment for her to add to her Instagram feed. Propose with a backdrop you know she already likes, balloons and flowers in her favorite cafe or a new city you are about to explore.

If this is your first time together in a new place, set up something special for her! Proposing to someone can be scary enough, so why not make it easier on yourself by finding an amazing spot to pop the question, right?

A Series of Gifts

You know how she loves surprises! Proposing on Christmas day with a series of gifts will definitely make her feel loved. Start the day by waking up to a small gift, and keep the momentum going until she finally reaches the big gift—the ring! This is a great way to surprise her throughout the day.

Marriage Proposal While Playing A Trivia Game

Does she love playing trivia games? This is definitely one of the creative proposal ideas on Christmas Day that will make her say yes. Propose with a board game, and leave each piece as an essential part of your marriage proposal story. When it’s your partner’s turn to answer a question, reveal the ring and get down on one knee. 

Put a fabulous engagement ring into a Christmas ornament

One of the simplest yet most creative proposal ideas on Christmas day is to place the ring inside a Christmas ornament. This will take some planning and stealth, but it’s definitely a memorable way to propose. Pop the question when she’s least expecting it!

There are so many ways to propose on Christmas day. Which one will you choose?

We hope you found these ten wedding proposal ideas for Christmas day helpful. If you’re still looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out our other articles on marriage proposals.

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